«I describe my art as simple and active» Nadia Z.Lee

Currently, you are experimenting with concrete canvas; what is it and how do you use it in your designs? Concrete Canvas is a concrete fabric that hardens during contact with water. It was my graduation project and I chose to explore the possibilites of the material.

The material is usually used in the construction field and my task was to find a new context for the material. I ended up creating a furniture collection where I present the fabrics flexibility through handicrafts.

What are your projects for the near future? 

I’m doing a design internship at an architecture studio after summer and I will continue to freelance with personal projects and collaborate with companies in the field of 3D.I might end up working at the studio or start my own, either way i’m excited for the future and all the opportunities we create in life.

How would you describe your art?

I describe my art as simple and active. I love to contribute with a feeling.  I’m inspired by myself and places I visit when I’m active in life.

What concepts/ideas do you explore with your work?

I aim to explore shapes, textures and materials in the field of interior. Right now i’m diving in the world of 3D where I try out different compositions.  I also work with product visualisation and make commercial videos.

How does your concept of ‘digital visualisation’ come to life?

I usually have a picture in my mind that I try to visualize, the end result is often not as I expected but better since I get inspired by the process and try out a lot of different ideas before I make up my mind.

«I describe my art as simple and active» 

You also work with light and the way it interacts with solid objects, in  what  ways have you explored this phenomenon?

I used to enter a dark room with different materials to get a clear feeling of the interaction with light. Now I have moved my work and explorations to the digital 3D world since the posibilites are unlimited there. Lately, I’ve been working a lot with reflections on products to make it look more “real”.

Texto by Melanie Nicole                                                                 Art by Nadia. Z Lee